I Miss You

I miss the shows you used to watch. I miss the sports games and how you’d yell at the tv. I miss the sounds of you cooking in the kitchen. I miss the sound of your truck pulling up when you got home from work. I miss the sound of your computer chair creaking late at night. I miss you whistling throughout the house. I miss the music you’d play and how you knew all the words. I miss your embarrassing dancing in the grocery store. I miss the nicknames you’d call me. I miss you asking about my days at school and asking what I’m learning. I miss you helping with my homework, always spilling your knowledge in a none arrogant way. I miss you telling me everything you knew on little things. I miss your sandwiches and how delicious they were. I miss the way you’d absent-mindedly rub my arm when we sat next to each other.
I miss all the everyday things that were so normal, the things i thought were not missable. I miss the things that formed you into a person. The things I never even noticed until you were gone.